Apr. 2022: Congratulations to 

Lucia's Ph.D. student, Bo Deng, for her successful dissertation defense on 04-14-2022.

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Apr. 2022: Congratulations to my 

Ph.D. student, Xiaonan Shi for hersuccessful dissertation defense 

on 04-15-2022.

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Apr. 2022: Nanobubble Watering Affects Nutrient Release and Soil Characteristics.

Environmental Engineering Doctoral Student Jianan Gao Receives $55,000 NSF INTERN Grant

Jianan Gao is an environmental engineering Ph.D. student working with Prof. Wen Zhang in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology. He received a $55,000 award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) INTERN program to support them as interns at BRISEA Group, Inc., a company that has been dedicated to providing environmental technology commercialization services, including assisting and enabling the market development and validation research. The INTERN award is a supplement fund to Zhang’s NSF-supported active project entitled “Electrochemically Reactive Membrane Filtration for Enhanced Recalcitrant Pollutant Removal.” This non-academic research internship and training aims to supplement students’ current research in Zhang’s laboratory with the goal of increasing the competitiveness of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) workforce in the US. This grant is a great opportunity for students supported by a PI’s active NSF award to enable the student intern to learn more in depth knowledge of their research field which will empower their career development.
Figure below is an imaging schematics of electrochemically reactive membrane reactor, which was used by Dr. Zhang’s group to achieve nitrate pollution control and ammonia resource recovery.

Relevant published papers: 

Jianan Gao, Ning Shi, Bo Jiang*, Taha Marhaba, and Wen Zhang*. "Electrochemically reactive membrane reactor for nitrate upscaling towards ammonia" Environmental Science & Technology (In prepare).
Jianan Gao, Ning Shi, Xiaobin Guo, Yifan Li, Xuejun Bi, Yuanfeng Qi, Jing Guan, Bo Jiang "Favoring the unfavored: Electrochemically selective ammonia extraction from nitrate by coupling electron- and phase-transfer reactions at a three-phase interface" Environmental Science & Technology. 2021, 55, 15, 10684–10694.