Apr. 2022: Congratulations to 

Lucia's Ph.D. student, Bo Deng, for her successful dissertation defense on 04-14-2022.

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Apr. 2022: Congratulations to my 

Ph.D. student, Xiaonan Shi for hersuccessful dissertation defense 

on 04-15-2022.

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Apr. 2022: Nanobubble Watering Affects Nutrient Release and Soil Characteristics.

2010      CEE News Release: Nanoparticles Disrupt Human Cell Line. http://www.ce.gatech.edu/media/news/2511

2010      Nanoparticles disrupt human cell line: model cell line (Caco-2) used to evaluate exposure effects of manufactured nanomaterials. http://nanotechweb.org/cws/article/lab/43670