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May. 2023: Summer Research Internship kick-off

Ahmed, Ahmed; Shi, Xiaonan; Hua, Likun; Manzueta, Leidy; Qing, Weihua; Marhaba, Taha; Zhang, Wen. Influences of Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon dioxide Nanobubbles on Seeds Germination and Plants Growth. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2018). Under review

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CEE Undergraduate Student Received Techquest Third Place Award


Our civil engineering undergraduate student, Leidy Manzueta, recently received the honor of Techquest third place award on April 10, 2018 during the 2018 Innovation Day.  Her topic of presentation was Development of Reactive Nanobubble Technology for Green and Sustainable Environmental and Agricultural Applications.
Leidy was the leader in both NJIT’s undergraduate research innovation (URI) phase I and phase II projects. She has been working with Ph.D. students (Ahmed K. Ahmed, Xiaonan Shi, and Likun Hua) under the supervision of Prof. Wen Zhang and Prof. Taha Marhaba since summer 2017. Particularly, she contributed significantly to the presented scientific study that shows the nanobubble water promoted both seed germination and plant growth, which leads to the peer-reviewed research article in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (See details in the following citation).  This article represents a landmark for nanobubble research and sustainable engineering applications. She expressed her interests to continue the research and internship that could further advance her professional career development related to sustainable engineering.