Nov. 2021: Shan Xue published a paper "Aeration and Dissolution Behavior of Oxygen Nanobubbles in Water" in JCIS paper

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Nov. 2021: Jianan Gao and Fangzhou Liu received 2021 ACS-ENVR Certificate of Merit Award from the Environmental Chemistry Division of National American Chemical Society.

Jul. 2021: Congratulations! 

Samuel Solomon and John Spero received the 2021 Undergraduate Research Innovation Phase II Grant.

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During Aug 31st to Sep 2nd, 2021, Dr. Wen Zhang’s team member joined the AWWA NJ conference in Atlantic City and presented his poster of NBs technology used in NJDEP project in the exhibition booth of BRISEA Group, Inc.
During the 2021 AWWA NJ Region Annual Conference and Exhibition, PI’s team and BRISEA personnel received positive feedbacks and interests from multiple water utilities of NBs technology used in HABs-laden lakes.

Yihan Zhang, a first year Ph.D. student at NJIT, presented the novel reactive nanobubbles (NBs) system for efficient and scalable harmful algae and cyanotoxin removal. This research was developed under Assistance Agreement No. 83945101-0 awarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to New Jersey Institute of Technology.  This project aims to devise a green sustainable process based on reactive nanobubbles (NBs) technology to control and mitigate harmful algal blooms (HABs). NBs may potentially be produced with air, oxygen, ozone, or other reactive gases that promote rapid oxidation and decomposition of algae and associated organic contaminants. 

2021 AWWA NJ Conference