Jan. 2021: Congratulations!

Zhang’s group  is awarded 

$500,000 from NJDEP to work in partnerships with MERI and BRISEA Inc. 

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Sep. 2020: Congratulations! 

Dr. Zhang's  group received two  EPA Phase I Awards.

Sep. 2020: Congratulations! 

Dr. Zhang' received an new NSF Grant.

 Wen's Research Group​

Wen Zhang

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor

Phone: (973) 596-5520 
Fax: (973) 596-5790
Email: wen.zhang@njit.edu

Office Location: Colton Hall 211

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   Figure below is an imaging schematics of Atomic force microscopy-scanning electrochemical microscopy (AFM-SECM), which was used by Dr. Zhang’s group to detect electrochemically active sites, such as dimensionally stable anodes, noble metal nanoparticles, functionalized electrodes, and soft electronic devices. Relevant published papers:

   The INTERN award is a supplement fund to Zhang’s NSF-supported active project entitled “Probing Facet Dependent Properties of Crystalline Nanomaterials and Interactions with Biomolecules using Hybrid Atomic Force Microscopy.” This non-academic research internship and training aims to supplement two students’ current research in Zhang’s laboratory with the goal of increasing the competitiveness of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) workforce in the US. This grant is a great opportunity for students supported by a PI’s active NSF award to enable the student intern to learn more in depth knowledge of their research field which will empower their career development.

     Xiaonan Shi and Qingquan Ma are two environmental engineering Ph.D. students working with Pro.f Wen Zhang in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology. They received a $55,000 award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) INTERN  program to support them as interns at Bruker Nano, Inc., a world-top industry for diverse analytical characterization instruments located in Santa Barbara, California

1. Xiaonan Shi, Qingquan Ma, Taha Marhaba, and Wen Zhang*. "Probing Surface Electrochemical Activity of Nanomaterials using Hybrid Atomic Force Microscope-Scanning Electrochemical Microscope (AFM-SECM)." Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) (2020), e61111.
2. Xiaonan Shi, Weihua Qing, Taha Marhaba, and Wen Zhang*. "Atomic Force Microscopy-Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (AFM-SECM) for Nanoscale Topographical and Electrochemical Characterization: Principles, Applications and Perspectives." Electrochimica Acta (2019): 135472.