Jun. 2021: Professor Wen Zhang was invited to report for RCR seminar about seeking sustainable pathways for spend lithium-ion batteries.

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Aug. 2021: Dr. Wen Zhang’s team membersjoined the ACS Fall 2021 in Atlanta and presented their research.  

Jul. 2021: Dr. Zhang’s group membersparticipated the first 2021 virtual CAPEES e-poster competition on July 17, 2021.Dr. Weihua Qingwon the best poster award. 

 Wen's Research Group​

Wen Zhang

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor

Phone: (973) 596-5520 
Fax: (973) 596-5790
Email: wen.zhang@njit.edu

Office Location: Colton Hall 211

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See details at: Sun, Shaobin, Hong Yao, Wanyi Fu, Likun Hua, Guangshan Zhang, and Wen Zhang. Reactive Photo-Fenton ceramic membranes: Synthesis, characterization and antifouling performance. Water research. 2018. 144 (1): 690-698

Reactive Photo-Fenton Ceramic Membranes: Synthesis, Characterization and Antifouling Performance

To develop reactive and antifouling membrane filtration systems, a photo-Fenton ceramic membrane was developed by Zhang’s group on a zirconia/titania alumina membrane via a cross-linking method. Photo-Fenton reactions are triggered with addition of H2O2 under UV irradiation to improve the foulant degradation on membrane surface while filtration. This study embarks on a novel antifouling membrane filtration process via incorporation of photo-Fenton reactions. The findings are also important for diverse applications of surface fouling mitigation and rationale design of fouling resistant surfaces or materials through photo-Fenton or other catalytic reactions.