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Princeton, NJ, October 8, 2023 - The NJIIT Zhang Team took part in the Northeast Regional I-Corps Hub event held on the picturesque campus of Princeton University. Three outstanding teams showcased a total of three pioneering innovations, supported by meticulously designed research posters and promotional materials for their products.

1.  Microwave-Enhanced Air Purification System: The NJIIT Zhang Team is dedicated to enhancing air quality through the innovative application of microwave technology, providing you with the freshest and cleanest air possible.
2.  Nanobubble Generator: By delving into nanoscale bubble technology, this team is opening new frontiers for a wide array of applications, from the medical field to industrial sectors, offering a multitude of innovative possibilities.

3. Electro-Membrane Wastewater Resource Recovery Technology: The NJIIT Zhang Team is committed to addressing water resource challenges through the development of an innovative electro-membrane technology, enabling highly efficient wastewater resource reclamation and contributing significantly to environmental and societal sustainability

We invite everyone to join us in sharing the news about these outstanding technologies and creative ideas! For potential customers and investors interested in these projects, do not hesitate to reach out to us at your convenience. Let's explore collaboration opportunities together!

Northeast Regional I-Corps Hub Poster networking  

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