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     Lithium and Cobalt has been classified as strategy and critical materials under the Department of Defense of the United Stated of America (DoD). Due to the huge disposal and replacement of portable electronics and electronic devices, a significant number of used Lithium-ion Batteries (LIBs) will be generated, raising resource and environmental concerns. By recovering these spent-lithium-ion batteries, one country could satisfy the need of these strategy materials.



    Zhang’s laboratory is committed to developing novel and green chemical processes to recover Lithium and Cobalt from spent Lithium-ion batteries. This work has been supported by EPA P2 office and Undergraduate Research and Innovation Student Seed Grant at NJIT. One of his group member, Kaiqin Dong, recently received the graduate poster competition of 84th NJAWWA with 3rd award. In addition to scientific studies, Zhang is also committed to organizing education workshops later that is open to the public, state agencies, and business owners to open up discussions and receive feedback/comments to improve the research and industrial practices for lithium recovery.


Green Method Development for Recovery Lithium and Cobalt from Spent Lithium-ion Batteries.

Fig. Schematic for recovery Lithium and Cobalt from spent-Lithium-ion batteries. 

Wen Zhang, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE

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