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 Wen's Research Group​

Dec. 2022: Dr. Zhang group received NJIT’s 2022 Technology Innovation Translation and Acceleration (TITA) Program Funding ($75,000) for developing high-efficient inactivation of airborne viruses using a microwave-enabled air filtration system

Wen Zhang

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor

Phone: (973) 596-5520 
Fax: (973) 596-5790
Email: wen.zhang@njit.edu

Office Location: Colton Hall 211

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Jan. 2023: Decoupling Electron- and Phase-Transfer Processes to Enhance Electrochemical Nitrate-to-Ammonia Conversion by Blending Hydrophobic PTFE Nanoparticles within the Electrocatalyst Layer 

Zhang’ group Core Skills:

1. Colloidal surface interaction energies-DLVO and EDLVO theories (particle-particle; particle-rough surface; soft colloids)
2. Surface zeta potential measurements
3. Nanoscale characterization of material surface properties such as work function, hydrophobicity, chemical mapping, and roughness using hybrid AFM
4. Filtration membrane module design and fabrication
5. Surface deposition/adsorption kinetics and desorption kinetics and correlation with interaction energies
6. Microwave catalysis and microwave reactor design
7. Photocatalysis (e.g., bandgap, light penetration, and photoelectrochemical)
8. Electrochemical measurement (e.g., CV, EIS, and LSV)
9. Nanocrystal synthesis
10. DFT calculation for surface energies, adsorption energies, pollutant degradation pathways
11. COMSOL modeling for mass/heat and electric mass transfer for various applications such as electrochemical systems, hydrogen fuel cell and water electrolyzer (e.g., Fuel Cell & Electrolyzer Module. We can cover the following modeling/simulation:
- Gas-diffusion electrodes
- Electrode reactions
- Membrane gas crossover and electroosmotic water drag
- Two-phase flow
- Mass and momentum transfer in porous media
- Heat transfer in porous media
- MEA, flow field, and stack modeling
- Simulations of steady-state polarization plots and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)