Wen's Research Group​

  • Biological oxidation (activated sludge, tricking filter, RBC, lagoon, nitrification, denitrification, and sludge digestion)
  • Carbon adsorption (batch & column)
  • Chemical oxidation (photocatalytical reactions)
  • Coagulation & flocculation (Jar test)
  • Disinfection (chlorination & ozonation)
  • Membrane process (polymer and ceramic membranes)
  • Oxygen transfer and aeration
  • Solids sedimentation
  • Solidification and stabilization
  • Sludge conditioning and de-watering (vacuum filtration and pressure filtration)
  • Water softening

Wen Zhang, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE

Principal Investigator

Phone: (973) 596-5520 
Fax: (973) 596-5790
Email: wen.zhang@njit.edu

Office Location: Colton Hall 211

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