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Wen Zhang, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE

Principal Investigator

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 Ph.D. candidate Fangzhou presented his innovative microwave catalytic technology for air disinfection to Professor He. This cutting-edge technique employs microwaves to infiltrate the materials of air filtration modules, initiating surface reactions on catalysts. These reactions create high-temperature zones and reactive radicals that are highly effective in eliminating and neutralizing airborne viruses and pathogens. Professor He praised Fangzhou's groundbreaking work, noting its potential to transform air purification practices with its efficiency and environmental advantages.

Dr. Zhen (Jason) He, the Laura & William Jens Professor of Environmental Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis, was recently invited to give a seminar talk at NJIT. His seminar talk is Resource Recovery from Wastewater through Technological Advancement, which stresses the importance of technology development for resource recovery from wastewater, a paradigm shift in wastewater treatment design.

During Professor Zhen He's recent visit to our research facility, he was introduced to the revolutionary electrified membrane technology developed by our Pd.D. student, Jianan Gao. This innovative technology, central to enhancing water treatment processes, demonstrates remarkable efficiency in removing pollutants and recovering valuable resources from wastewater. Jianan's presentation highlighted the potential environmental and sustainability benefits of this technology. Professor He was impressed by the presentation, recognized the significant impact of electrified membranes in advancing sustainable environmental practices. This interaction marks a pivotal moment in promoting electrified membrane technology and exploring its applications for a sustainable future.

After the seminar talk, we also had a group photo for the CAPEES faculty members with Dr. He and Dr. Zhang’s fellow colleagues, Dr. Lijie Zhang and Dr. Mengyan Li.

Furthermore, Professor He was introduced to an innovative algal water treatment process devised by our Ph.D. student Lili Li. This method employs positively charged functionalized magnetic particles to adsorb algae cells, facilitating the direct elimination of particulate matter without the requirement for supplementary chemical agents. Lili's presentation underscored the crucial role of this process in the immediate management of cyanobacterial blooms and the subsequent ecological rejuvenation of water ecosystems. Professor He was deeply impressed by this presentation and pointed out that this technology could also be used for the recovery and subsequent resource utilization of energy microalgae.