Dr. Zhang’s group has three doctoral students (Qingquan Ma, Shan Xue and Yihan Zhang) were involved as mentors in Army Education Outreach Program (AEOP) High School Apprenticeship Program. They mentored two high school interns, Savannah Rose Rivera and Daniela Moreno Reynoso and engaged them in projects using nanobubble technology. For example, Yihan engaged Daniela in the column tests from his soil remediation project, taught her how to collect multiple samples within two hours and measure water chemistries before and after purging the columns soil with nanobubble water. He also introduced literature searching and summary writing methods to her.

Shan Xue involved Savvannah Rose in the project of micro-/nano-bubbles (MNB) flotation for algal removal and summary writing on oil contaminated soil remediation. In this project, Savvannah conducted jar testing experiments to simulate coagulation/flocculation with differing chitosan doses.

Dr. Zhang’s group member, Jianan Gao, mentored one undergraduate student, Cordell Litus, from Essex Country College and one master student (Parris Keitheshia) from Environmental Engineering, NJIT, working on modification of ceramic membrane and electrochemical nitrate removal. Cordell engaged in the modification of ceramic membrane with PTFE coating, the contact angel measurement, and the hydrophobic/hydrophilic investigation. This Youtube video shows some of the laboratory operations in this internship: https://youtu.be/k5NlQwcKpII. Parris engaged in the cathode material synthetic, electrochemical flow-cell fabrication, and measurements of nitrogen species (nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia) containing in water.

airborne viruses using a microwave catalytic air filtration system, which garnered the summer research fellowship. Moreover, Fangzhou also involved Richard Barrezueta, a student of Biomedical Engineering from County College of Morris, is supported by the 2022 B2B/LSAMP Summer Research Internship Program and received mentorship in research at NJIT. He will be a Georgia Tech student in the fall 2022. 

The purpose of the procedure is to estimate the minimum or optimal chitosan dose in the presence of MNB to remove algae via flotation. She learned to measure the water chemistries such as pH, DO, conductivity and turbidity. She has also gained the skills in conducting literature reviews and writing. 

​Moreover, Dr. Zhang’s group member, Fangzhou Liu, advised one URI undergraduate student, Ashley Suthammanont​ (Biochemistry, Junior) and high school student, Saachi Kuthari, to perform research high-efficient inactivation of 

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Dr. Zhang’s group member, Qingquan Ma, mentored one high school student (Kayla Cheng) from Tenafly High School and one master student (Bindhiya Babu) from Environmental Engineering, NJIT, working on electrochemical oxidation for PFOA/PFBA removal. They both engaged in electrodes preparation, electrothermal testing (CV, EIS and LSV), PFAS degradation experiments and sample preparation and testing by LC-QQQ. Moreover, they also learned how to draw professional graph with Origin Software and data analysis.

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