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Moving Forward

Since 2019, Cozy Lake has been grappling with HABs, causing concerns among residents and environmentalists alike. Our team, consisting of experts in environmental science, ecology, and community outreach, took proactive steps to tackle this issue head-on. During our visit to Cozy Lake, our team conducted onsite water quality assessments and meticulously collected water samples. These samples were promptly sent to the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) labs for in-depth analysis. The results of these tests, summarized below, shed light on the various water quality indicators and provide valuable insights into the current state of the lake:

  • Nutrient Levels: Our analysis revealed elevated levels of phosphorus and nitrogen, which are known contributors to HABs.
  • Algal Cell Counts: Cozy Lake exhibited an alarming increase in algal cell counts, signifying the presence of HABs.
  • Toxin Presence: We detected harmful algal toxins in the water, posing a significant threat to the local ecosystem.
  • pH and Temperature: Fluctuations in pH and temperature were observed, which can exacerbate HABs.

Our team's proactive involvement in Cozy Lake's HAB issue is a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship and community welfare. We remain dedicated to addressing the challenges posed by HABs and will continue to collaborate with local authorities and residents to explore sustainable solutions for Cozy Lake's restoration. By combining scientific expertise with community engagement, we hope to pave the way for a cleaner, healthier, and more vibrant Cozy Lake, benefiting both the ecosystem and the residents who cherish this natural gem. Together, we can turn the tide on Harmful Algal Blooms and restore the splendor of Cozy Lake for generations to come.

Date: September 6, 2023
Location: Cozy Lake, New Jersey

In a remarkable display of commitment to both environmental conservation and community education, our dedicated team embarked on a mission to address the longstanding issue of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) at the picturesque Cozy Lake. On September 6, 2023, our team organized a comprehensive community service and education outreach program that left a lasting impact on the local community. This is part of our efforts to remove algae using the algal scavenger boat under funding support from NJDEP (https://news.njit.edu/harvesting-toxic-blooms-summer),  

Water Quality Assessment and Sampling

Community Engagement: Our Team Takes Initiative in Combating Harmful Algal Blooms at Cozy Lake

Community Engagement and Education

In addition to conducting water quality assessments, our team made a concerted effort to engage with the local community. We organized an informative session where we presented multiple posters explaining the occurrence of HABs and outlining preventive and treatment methods that can be employed. The posters served as a visual aid to simplify complex concepts and raise awareness. The event was a resounding success, attracting over 30 community residents who eagerly attended our presentation and engaged in lively discussions about the lake's condition and potential solutions. The interactive dialogue facilitated a better understanding of the issue and garnered support for future initiatives to combat HABs at Cozy Lake.

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