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After the conference, Zhang’s group enjoyed the exotic food at the Masa Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi restaurant and had a wonderful time visiting Capitol Hill

On June 17th-18th, 2024, all our team members attended the conference of the 2024 TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo in Washinton DC. We showcased a pilot-scale microwave catalytic air filtration reactor at the EPA P3 booth, as part of the EPA P3 phase II research as reported previously (https://news.njit.edu/three-njit-engineering-teams-showcase-their-research-epas-national-student-design-expo). The Ph.D. student, Fangzhou Liu, was invited to deliver a 90-second pitch talk about this cutting-edge technology. Liu's presentation highlighted the potential of microwave catalytic filtration technology to significantly reduce pollutants and microbials in air and water, garnering considerable interest and praise from both academic and industry professionals

Participation of the 2024 TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo in Washinton DC

Wen Zhang, Ph.D., P.E., BCEE

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Another team from Zhang Group, Chief Engineer from BRISEA, Likun Hua, Postdoctoral researcher Shan Xue, and Ph.D. student, Jianan Gao showcased the Nanobubble generator and Electrified Membrane reactor for nitrogen pollutant removal and resource recovery. The conference provided the Zhang Group with ample opportunities to connect with elite members of both academia and industry. They engaged in meaningful discussions with experts, received valuable feedback, and explored potential collaborations. The exposure and recognition received at the event were instrumental in advancing their research and increasing the visibility of their innovative work