Jul. 2020: Congratulations! 

Xiaonan and Qingquan received $55,000 NSF INTERN Grant.

Explore the Nano World 

Jul. 2020: Congratulations! 

Dr. Zhang'team received their third granted US patent.

Aug. 2020: Congratulations! 

Dr. Zhang' received an new NSF Grant.

 Wen's Research Group​

Jul. 2020: Congratulations! 

Dr. Zhang'group received USEPA's P3 Program Phase 2 award.

Wen Zhang

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor

Phone: (973) 596-5520 
Fax: (973) 596-5790
Email: wen.zhang@njit.edu

Office Location: Colton Hall 211

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July, 2016 is a busy month for a group of Brazilian students at NJIT. They were supported through the Engineering Without Borders (EWB) to conduct research with us as summer interns. Congratulations to them for their swift work and productive achievement!

​Photo taken on August 2, 2016

Thanks to the scholarship provided by Sustainable Energy Fund, I was able to participate the 3-day camp from July 25 to 27, 2016, which includes lectures on renewable energy with a particular focus on biomass and bioenergy and laboratory session. Working in the laboratory at Penn State University, I feel like returning to a college student again. Not only the precious opportunities to experience the Penn State culture, I also really appreciate the social networking and learning adventure.