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Nov. 2022: Dr. Zhang’s patent titled Microwave-assisted Antifouling Membrane Filtration System, U.S. Patent 10,583,402, was selected to be honored as a 2022 Edison Patent Award Winner in the Emerging Technology category at the Council’s 43rd Edison Patent Awards Ceremony

Wen Zhang

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor

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Email: wen.zhang@njit.edu

Office Location: Colton Hall 211

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Oct. 2022: Enhanced Microcystis Aeruginosa removal and novel flocculation mechanisms using a novel continuous co-coagulation flotation (CCF)

Besides the CAPEES workshop, Dr. Zhang was also invited to the “meet the editors” panel that was hosted by Dr. Zhen (Jason) He at Wash U. The panel provided face-to-face discussions with students/faculty about editorial processes such as review/decisions. 

Moreover, the former CAPEES presidents and Tsinghua alumni had group photos as shown below. 

At the CAPEES’s banquet, we invited sponsors representatives to give talks in person and virtually. 

As the former CAPEES president, Dr. Wen Zhang played the leadership role in organizing the US-China workshop and CAPEES banquet at AEESP biannual conference on from June 28-29, 2022 at the Washington University in Saint Louis. The workshop garnered over 120 attendants and covered several keynote speakers, including the publishing executive, Deirdre Dunne, from Elsevier on faculty career synergies with journal editorial engagement, Dr. Yang Liu at University of Alberta to share her research of a pilot studies of nutrient recovery and Dr. Bruce Rittmann at Arizona State University to share his perspectives on faculty career development. Moreover, there were two important panel discussions on barriers and strategies in faculty career development in the north American universities and industrial collaborations and grant opportunities. The two events were generously supported by ten different sponsors, including three journals, five private companies, one non-profit organization and Elsevier publisher as illustrated at the bottom. 

Dr. Zhang’s group delivered three posters on:
1.   Nanobubble Watering for Enhanced Plant Growth: Mechanisms of Nanobubbles and Soil Interactions
2.  Facet-Dependent Electrochemical Behavior of Cu2O Microcrystals for Methyl Orange Adsorption: Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Validation
3.  Electrocatalytic Upcycling of Nitrate Wastewater to Ammonia Fertilizer via Electrified Membrane

Moreover, Dr. Zhang delivered two oral presentations:
1.  Bubble Size Dependent Dissolution of Oxygen Nanobubbles and Impacts on Agricultural and Environmental Applications
2. Conductive PANI/Fe3O4@PTFE Membrane for Interfacial Induction Heating Membrane Distillation

And, Dr. Zhang’s group member, Fangzhou Liu, made an oral presentation in the session of membrane and surface on Evaluation of Viral Inactivation using Microwave-assisted Catalytic Membrane Filtration.

Dr. Zhang’ group successfully co-organized/participated the CAPEES Workshop and Banquet events at AEESP in June 2022

Dr. Zhang received the Service Awards from both AEESP and CAPEES for recognizing the contributions and dedication to the best doctoral dissertation award committee and leadership roles in CAPEES from 2020-2022. Finally, Dr. Zhang is also the CAPEES-UCEEF Environmental Educator Award recipient for 2022.