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Nov. 2022: Dr. Zhang’s patent titled Microwave-assisted Antifouling Membrane Filtration System, U.S. Patent 10,583,402, was selected to be honored as a 2022 Edison Patent Award Winner in the Emerging Technology category at the Council’s 43rd Edison Patent Awards Ceremony

Wen Zhang

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Oct. 2022: Enhanced Microcystis Aeruginosa removal and novel flocculation mechanisms using a novel continuous co-coagulation flotation (CCF)

Jianan Gao, a Ph.D. candidate of Environmental Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology, recently received the 2022 Heh-Won Chang, PhD Fellowship in Green Chemistry award from the ACS Green Chemistry Institute on March 17, 2022. This award provides international recognition for outstanding student contributions to advancing the goals of green chemistry. It is worth mentioning that Jianan is the first Chinese student recipient for this distinguished award. This rising star student will be invited to give an oral or poster presentation at this year’s GC&E Hybrid Conference in Washington DC. Jianan’s research contributes to understandings of fundamental science of electrified membranes and wastewater treatment with zero chemical input, which holds tremendous scientific merits in promoting green chemistry and green chemical processes.
Supervised by Professor Wen Zhang, Jianan’s research mainly focuses on 1) rational surface/interface design and synthesis of functional materials for electrocatalytic wastewater treatment applications; 2) electrified reactive membrane systems for water purification, resources recovery, disinfection performance, membrane fouling, and surface reactivity behavior. Up to date, his research work has resulted in 3 first-authored and 4 co-authored publications in some of the most prestigious, high-impact journals, including Environmental Science & Technology, Water Research, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Chemical Engineering Journal, Journal of Hazardous Materials, and received 372 citations by far. Congratulations to Jianan Gao! 

Jianan Gao received 2022 Heh-Won Chang, PhD Fellowship in Green Chemistry award from the ACS Green Chemistry Institute!