04/272016     Congratulations! Mehaz Moon and Andrea Cano received the 2016 Summer Undergraduate Research Scholarship ($3000 per person)

3/17/2016    Arisha Javed received the 2016 spring Phase I URI Student Seed Grant ($500)

Likun posted an AudioSlides presentation for your recent publication "Effects of Anodic Oxidation of a Substoichiometric Titanium Dioxide Reactive Electrochemical Membrane on Algal Cell Destabilization and Lipid Extraction" in Bioresource Technology.

04/15/2016    The undergraduate research innovation (URI) team lead by Dr. Wen Zhang received the 2016 TechQuest First Place (1st Time) Award. The team consisted of three female undergraduate students, Andrea Cano (Civil Engineering), Maira Valencia (Biochemistry) and Arisha Javed (Chemical Engineering). The research topic is Portable and Scalable Microbial Fuel Cells-Lighting System. The significance of this innovation is to offer off-grit power using renewable waste stream such as human urine as the electron donors in the microbial fuel cell systems. 

3/18/2016    Wanyi Fu received Student Research Poster Competition First Place Award from AWWA New Jersey. The poster presenters were judged on the applicability of the research to the field of safe water, their apparent knowledge of the subject area, the quality of visual/oral presentation, technical content, and creativity.

04/21/2016    Dr. Zhang's second PhD student, Liyuan Kuang, successfully defended her thesis and granted PhD. Congratulations!

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05/01/2016   Congratulate Maraha (Jeka) for her ACS student award. Cheers!