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May. 2023: Summer Research Internship kick-off

In the symposium, near 20 speakers from the US, China, Japan, Canada, the UK, and South Korea presented and discussed the latest research on NBs and their unique interfacial characteristics as well as diverse applications in water or wastewater treatment. Moreover, industrial and instrumental specialists from MOLEAER Inc. and Malvern also joined the symposium and shared insight into the instrumentation of nanobubble technologies in field applications. This symposium was a success representing a milestone of learning novel and sustainable technologies that show promising potential in environmental engineering and science field. 

Nanobubbles (NBs) have recently gained increasing attention due to their unique physicochemical properties, and many existing or potential applications such as detergent-free cleaning  processes, tertiary oil recovery, foam fractionation, mineral flotation, food processing, intracellular drug delivery, and mineral processing, biomedical engineering, medical, and environmental applications (e.g., water aeration and disinfection). 

Professors Wen Zhang and Jay Meegoda, researchers from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), organized a first and groundbreaking symposium, namely, Nanobubbles: A Sustainable Solution for Water Treatment and Agricultural Applications, through Environmental Chemistry Division at the 2018 fall ACS conference in Boston.


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Apr. 2023: Joint AAEES Workshop- "Engineering Professional Licensure and Certification: Essential College Training and Design Experiences" and AEESP Distinguished Lecturer

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